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Augmented and Virtual Realities – A Game of Experiences

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality technologies have rapidly evolved from science fiction to game-changing business tools. Customers are now able to enjoy an elevated experience where brands can actually address their emotions and shape their dreams into a more visible form.

AR/VR apps have an unmatched potential for creating the most amazing experiences across the web and mobile and able to create UI/UX rich and immersive user experiences. Users are able to truly connect with the content they see online and around them. Be it shopping for furniture and placing the image of a sofa in your living room to test its look, gaming apps, social experiences or employee training, AR/VR apps have already begun transforming user experiences. Both technologies offer a vast scope in mobile app development allowing businesses to engage customers like never before.

We are helping future-ready enterprises integrate AR/VR into their product mix, customer engagement programs and brand promotion plans. Our team of specialized app developers builds highly interactive apps based on cutting-edge algorithms and with stunning visuals that are certain to keep users hooked. Our developers have a flair for crafting unique and captivating experiences through AR/VR apps that add value to your business.

Credentech have a successful track record of developing outstanding AR/VR apps for brands across diverse platforms and multiple industry verticals. The team comprises of mobile app developers, 3D artists, UI/UX design experts, and digital producers. Their combined excellence will help you unlock the potential of these revolutionary technologies and push you way ahead of competition.

Our Offerings

Credentech’s AR/VR studio team is a combination of creative staff and technical professionals who can offer innovative solutions to solve complex business problems and save costs. Our capabilities cover all stages of product creation – from PoC prototyping to low-level software development to custom design of supporting technologies that enhance AR and VR capabilities.

Our offerings include
  • AR and VR App Development
  • AR and VR Game Development
  • AR and VR Content Development
  • 3D Graphics and Animations
  • Storyboard and Visual Storyboard Development
  • Augmented/Virtual Kiosks and Product Displays
  • Testing in various AR/VR Devices
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