Loyalty and Rewards

Getting rewards on purchases is most exciting for customers, which is why enterprises use customer loyalty initiatives to encourage repeat business. But customers don’t want to overload their wallets with multiple loyalty cards from different brands. Mobile loyalty apps have thus proven invaluable for building loyalty programs and long-term customer engagements.

Customers always expect brands to reward them for being loyal via repeat purchases. But handing them another card to further clutter their wallet will not be as effective. They need something new and different, something that is a natural extension of their daily tasks just like their smart phones. Mobile loyalty apps can simply be downloaded on a mobile phone and used seamlessly with digital payments and online shopping. Besides, they do more than just award points to customers. They allow customers to see their progress towards rewards goals and stay committed. This becomes especially useful with point-based loyalty programs where the desired reward is not immediately redeemable or recognizable.

A mobile app-based loyalty program also allows brands to gain valuable insight into purchases and customer preferences, keep track of customers and analyze data to offer more personalized deals and targeted rewards. Such apps can offer better insights into individual customer behaviors and launch smartly targeted personalized deals.

Applying Blockchain & AI

AI plays an exciting role in designing loyalty programs and in increasing customer lifetime value. Using complex algorithms to centralize massive amounts of data across all customer touch points, we leverage AI to detect patterns and predictive responses that help enterprises identify the most loyal customers and offer them higher value rewards.

We attach location-based AI features to mobile apps which lets customers find nearby stores, tracks their movement into the store and then pushes special offers to them as they leave. The deep insight into customer behavior offered by AI, helps brands better understand what customers want, how to bring value to them by better targeting and how to capture their loyalty for life.

Our Offerings

  • Tiered enumeration
  • Push notifications
  • Seamless rewards reclamation
  • Client-specific branding
  • Social sharing and referrals
  • Behavioral analytics
  • Time and location targeted deals
  • Smooth customization and bespoke design
  • Purchase history view
  • UI/UX design and development
  • Cross-brand promotion
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