Retail and E commerce

What if we told you there’s an easier way you can boost your sales, build a larger, more loyal customer base, and enhance your brand? It’s possible by taking your online store to the next level of digitalization. Today, ecommerce apps are changing the way business is done, gaining many users and racking up considerable profits.

Customers want to make their purchases at when and where they want. For retailers this means adapting quickly by offering a seamless shopping experience online. To stay competitive they need to connect with customers via multiple channels, and create a connected and integrated shopping experience. But most retailers struggle with how they can communicate with shoppers unobtrusively while also building a solid customer base, engaging their customers faster and better.

Credentech helps e-commerce and retail brands take their online and digital presence to an entirely new level. We’ve worked with several brands in the retail industry and have extensive expertise building custom web and mobile apps for e-commerce businesses. Our knowledge of the retail industry and behavior of online users helps us build retail apps and customized e-commerce digital interfaces that make shopping a unique, memorable experience.

We offer unique UI/UX solutions that help enhance the retail experience and increase your sales by transforming your digital store’s user interfaces through bespoke and engaging design. Our offerings for digitalizing ecommerce and online retail is backed with a deep understanding of customer behavior and can help you build your brand, drive sales and delight your customers.

Applying Blockchain & AI

Credentech understands that shopping experience has changed the world over. Customers want to be engaged in conversations that help them make better purchase decisions. Today’s savvy customers want to interact more and prefer responsive apps and websites to bland one-dimensional online shopping.

We help e-commerce platforms manage their supply chains in a secure, more efficient and transparent manner allowing customers to see and track the order flow associated with purchased products. Blockchain experts at Credentech can apply the technology to virtually the entire user experience, including product searches and selection, payment processing, and post-sale customer care.

Our Offerings

  • Product Engineering – Top End UI/UX Design
  • Custom Web App Development
  • User Experience Strategy, Design and Testing
  • Cloud Strategy and Architecture
  • Custom Mobile App Development – iOS, Android, Hybrid
  • Mobile Strategy Architecture Definition and Integration
  • Business Process Automation and Workflow Management
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